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Dog House


Our Canine Guests will have a spacious 4 by 10 foot suite, and will be escorted to large outdoor exercise yards throughout the day.  They are also invited to join our daily play groups for only $10 per day with boarding stay.  We have heated floors, and climate controlled space.  Each suite has a resting cot for your pet's comfort.  The price for boarding one dog is $35 per day.  Each additional family pet sharing the same suite is $30 per day.  

Our feline guests will each have a private kitty condo all to themselves, and are given ample opportunity to play in large exercise area just for cats. The price for boarding a cat is $20 per cat per day.

Our new Jumbo Catios are available for large groups and clients who wish for their cats to have a bit more space during their stay!

Ginger Cat


Image by Jenn.jpeg

We also have space for other caged pets, and have even welcomed a mini piggy or two from time to time. Chances are if you have a pet in need of care we can provide it!

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